Thank You to all of the Public Service Agencies and Departments for proving the health, temperament and working ability of our dogs......  You are the "True Heroes"!!!
Above: Tpr. Steve Escot with "Enzo" from the MSP Bridgepost Post, at the MBS Airport for a bomb search in Freeland, Michigan. 
Above Right: "Lightning" with Sgt. David Yount MSP, searching for remains of Jimmy Hoffa. Above Left: Tpr. David Yount with The MSP K9 Unit, Special Operations, Lansing Post and "Lightning", discovered all three bodies in a triple homocide fire in Ann Arbor, Mi. 2009. 
Above: Lt. Ric Hetu with "Jack" as a pup at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Mi. and Lt. Ric Hetu with Jack as a service K-9 with The Michigan State Police K-9 Unit, Special Operations.
Above:Tpr. Chris Bush with "Rush" (left) MSP Ionia andTpr. Steve Escott with "Beck" (right) MSP Bridgeport. The 2 male pups are from our 2009 Sarge/Uta Litter. Rush and Beck graduated from The Michigan State Police K-9 Academy on 10-29-10 in Lansing, Michigan.
Above: Battle Creek City Police Department with two of our K-9's.
Above: Lieutenant Ric Hetu and "Ki". Right: Lt. Ric Hetu and "Ki"  an Accelerant K9 with The MSP, Special Operations, Lansing, MI, in Arenac County, suspicion of arson for this home.
Above: Trooper Dave Yount, MSP with "Thunder". Thunder was trained for narcotics and cadaver recovery. Thunder deceased at age 5 during active duty and he is greatly missed by Sgt. Yount.
Above: Trooper Steve Escott and Enzo, Michigan State Police K9 Unit, Bridgeport Post. Enzo & Tpr. Escott held the "Top Number of Finds" for several years in a row with The Michigan State Police.
Above: "Jayda" is a Service K9 overseas in Holland. 
Above: "Razor" owned/trained by Retired Detroit Police Dog Handler Kevin Brathwaite, specializing in training seminars for police service dogs.
Above and Right: "Jasper", owned/trained by Tpr. James Greary West Bloomfield Police, Michigan.
Above: "Ruger" is a Service K9 with CSI, Oregon/Washington.
Above: "Czar" with Marquette County Sheriff Department,  trained by Tpr. Errol.
Right: "Lou" is a Certified Accelerant K9, owned/trained by Retired Lieutenant Ric Hetu, MSP K9 Unit, Special Operations, Lansing, MI. 
Above: "Lex" MSP K9 Unit, Special Operations, Kalamazoo, MI
Above: "Reich" with New York Police Department.
Above: "Tucker" with MSP K9 Unit, Special Ops